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Lost Without You - Promo

Title: Lost Without You (Lost #2.5)
Author: BJ Harvey
Expected Release: Jan 30th
Hosted by: The Book Avenue

Long before he moved to New York to protect Elle Halliwell, Shay McCarron felt
like a drifter. 

Working with his best friend, Brax, he took whatever job he could get to survive until mob boss, Victor Bertorelli, offered them both the opportunity of a lifetime, a life line. 

Now working security and close protection for some of Georgia’s richest families, the boys are living the high life. High profile jobs, nights of easy women, and copious alcohol...with their very lucrative, if not slightly illegal occupation, the boys think they’re sitting pretty. 

Brenna, the youngest daughter of mob boss, Victor Bertorelli, hates her family’s mob ties, their morals, the whole damn thing. She wants to get as far away from them and the notorious Bertorelli name as she can. 

Until the blonde haired, green eyed, cocky as hell Shay storms into her life and succeeds in capturing her attention, and her heart.

Unfortunately, it’s the very world they live in that will tear them apart forever. 

Get to know the history of the best friend who gave his all in the highly acclaimed Lost series.


I never believed in the whole one true love philosophy. To be honest, it sounded like a stinking pile of crap that some feminist created to explain every woman’s obsession with being in love.

Thinking back on it, it blindsided me.

I was an easygoing, freethinking bachelor with no commitment, and no worries. Just fast cars, faster women, and a rather healthy income that seemed well above the pay grade for the work Brax and I did.

So color me stupid that I would be the one left speechless the day I met Brenna Bertorelli, the one woman who didn’t want anything to do with me. The same woman who would capture my heart and make me truly believe in the notion of soul mates.

Brenna was that for me.

Shay McCarron – 25 years old. Estranged from parents and twin sister. Works for South Security with his best friend and Army buddy Brax James. Loves his Black GTO, the fast life and fast women. 

Brenna Bertorelli – 22 years old. Just returned to Atlanta after four years away at college. Hates her family legacy and the ‘princess’ title that seems to follow her around. Has two older, protective older brothers and has been forced to live with her parents for the foreseeable future. 

Brax James – 26 years old, Shay’s best friend and partner. Works for South Security. Victor Bertorelli is his boss. 

Victor Bertorelli – Shay and Brax’s boss and Brenna’s father.

BJ Harvey is the Amazon Bestselling Author of The Bliss Romantic Comedy Series and The Lost Romantic Suspense Series. An avid music fan, you will always find her with headphones when writing, and the speakers blaring the rest of the time. She’s a wife, a mom to two beautiful children, and a full-time university student. BJ resides with her family in what she considers the best country in the world—New Zealand.

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