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Lana's Awakening by Kristin Elyon - Cover Reveal


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cover reveal

covergifTitle: Lana’s Awakening

Series: To have and control # 1

Author: Kristin Elyon

Audience: Adult

Genre: Dark Erotica

Formats: E-book

Publisher: Kristin Elyon

Cover by: Kellie Dennis at Book Cover by Design

Editor: Sapphire Kande

Date of Publishing: June 27, 2014.


Inspired by True Real Life Events…

When Lana Martin is kidnapped and thrown into a world of darkness, she is forced to do many things she otherwise would have never considered, the most horrible of all being to take a deep long look at herself. What she sees scares the hell out of her, and those around her. Sex for her is quickly transformed from the mundane to a dangerous way of life.

Something dark is awakened inside of her, an unknown desire, an insatiable hunger for a master to use her for his pleasure. Her need for submission takes her down a winding path of pain and pleasure, as she comes to grips with her carnal lust, and her need to have it satisfied. Her captor awoke a sexual beast he hadn’t expected, and no one is prepared for Lana Martin.

WARNING: This book contains very disturbing situations, abduction, sexual content, anal play, breath play, spanking, dubious consent, bondage, minor bdsm, strong language, and graphic violence.

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“With everything else so perfect,” he began, his eyes unable to hide the playful smile behind them, “I find myself wondering if you did it on purpose.”

There was no need for him to explain; they both knew perfectly well what he meant, just as they both knew perfectly well she had indeed done it on purpose. But still, the game had to be played out.

“I’m sure I don’t know what you mean, Sir.”

“Of course. When you have cleared the table, bring it to me.”

She wasted little time finishing her dinner and clearing the table. The dishes rinsed and put in the dishwasher to be completed, she went o the bedroom and retrieved the thing he wanted. Or perhaps more correctly, the thing she wanted.

It was called The Merciful One, a wooden paddle small enough to be used by one hand, light and thin. Smaller than one which might be found in a principal’s office, but more sturdy than those which came with a string and ball attached. She had made it for him, at his request, and from her own experience, she knew it was perfect. It stung like a son of a bitch when applied properly, but at the same time, it wasn’t heavy enough to not cause an actual injury.

“Thank you, Sir,” she said as she placed it in his waiting hand. Lana then pulled the only other chair from under the table and placed it in the center of the room. This one he had crafted for their special sessions. Once a hard backed dining chair, he had removed most of the back. Now, above the chair’s seat, only the two supporting posts remained, along with the very top plank of what had once been the back support. Sitting in the chair, the remaining support would touch her just below her shoulders, but she never sat in the chair. It was designed specifically for two positions. One was the main reason for the chair’s modifications. If she lay on the chair, with her head and shoulders between the supports, it was the perfect size to allow her knees to be pulled up over her head and tied to the top, leaving her in the most intimately vulnerable position. The second use for the chair was what it was to be used for this night.

Lana lay sideways across the chair’s seat, resting her stomach on the soft padding, her arms and legs dangling from either side. She waited as patiently as she could, but with some difficulty. He would take his time because he knew she wanted this. He would tease her before he began. It was more torturous than anything he would do with the paddle itself. The thought of asking him to hurry never entered her mind. The wait was hell, but what a delightful hell it was. Her dark prince knew her sins and exactly how to celebrate them, incorporating her punishment into her heavenly reward.

His hand on the small of her back told her he was ready, gently holding her in place with the warmth of a deep embrace. His free hand slid behind her, his fingers protruding past the paddle’s handle, gliding lightly across her skin. The first swat stung deep, sending rapid shockwaves through her body, and causing her skin to tingle ecstatically beneath the paddle. Her legs began to tremble immediately as she allowed her head to hang motionless beneath her.

“Thank you,” she managed, trying to make the strain in her voice sound, at the least, like it originated a bit more from pain than pleasure. But was often a trick harder than she could manage. All he had to do was let one finger slip, and touch her there, and he would know damn well how much she liked it.

A second swat came harder than the first, sending an echoing ‘smack!’ bouncing off the walls before returning to her welcoming ears. Even the sound of the paddle as it quickly reddened her ass caused a barely controllable urge to beg for more. A third swat, then a fourth and fifth came in rapid succession, stealing any delusions of control from Lana’s body, her mouth. She moaned loudly as Sergio applied the wood again and again, any semblance of displeasure lost to her completely. When she felt the handle of the paddle placed into his left hand on the small of her back, she could not hold back the whimper.

“Yes,” she said, knowing he would now know her desire, her appreciation. His finger slid effortlessly inside her aching opening, the sopping sound it made only heightening her desire, her need. A second finger found no further resistance than the first, as he quickened the pace, plowing his fingers inside her again and again. It was only when a third finger was added, that the pace slowed, her pussy tightened around him hungrily.

His left hand left her back and found her hair, pulling her head backward towards him, holding her in

place as his hand plunged deeper into her. When his thumb extended and pressed against the darker opening between her legs, she thought she might lose consciousness. But he didn’t push it inside, merely applying pressure, teasing her with the thought of being penetrated in both openings at once. He knew she loved it; she had made it no secret, and while she would never ask him for it, she did everything she could to let him know she wanted it every time. The absolute lack of control, the purest form of submission in her eyes, she readily made no complaints when her asshole was violated. She craved it as much as anything else.

about the author

clip_image010During the day I work as a senior portrait photographer and a graphic designer.

At night I am a writer of DARK erotica and BDSM stories that are guaranteed to make your panties wet.

I'm also a college student who loves starbucks! I spend my free time watching The Vampire Diaries, The Walking Dead and True Blood.

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