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Complicated by M. M. Koenig - Review


Mia Ryan has learned the hard way that her choices can have horrible consequences. Taking an offer that was supposed to get her life back on track was nothing but a ploy. To keep the ones she holds dear safe, she's forced to finish what she started, without any hope of finding out why she was targeted in the first place. Though Mia has Ethan by her side, she can't seem to believe in him, especially since most of his life remains a mystery. 

Ethan Fitzgerald has done everything in his power to prove to Mia that she can trust him, but it never seems to be enough to convince her to drop the last wall around her heart. With deep and dark secrets lurking around every corner, he has his own plan to keep Mia from any danger, but it may just shatter their love forever. 

There are so many questions – with even more shocking answers – and when Mia uncovers the truth, nothing will ever be the same...

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I woke to the sound of waves crashing as my nose caught the salty scent of
the ocean. I rolled over to find red rose petals scattered over the bed, with a
long-stemmed one lying in the middle. Securing the sheet around me, I rested on
my elbows before picking up the single rose. Ethan was on his side with his
eyes on me. I twirled the rose and gave him a soft smile. He was without a
shirt and propped on an elbow. His messy hair was wet with droplets of water
dripping along his neck and the contours of his shoulders, before sliding down
his carved chest. The sunlight pouring in from the window made his body gleam.
He always aroused me instantly, but staring at him now made him seem even more
God-like, and I wanted every part of him.
“Did you take a shower without me? That has to be a first.”
Ethan reached over to tuck my hair behind my ears. His hand trailed down my
side to rest on mine. “I got up at sunrise to catch some waves.”
“I didn’t know you surfed. I’m not surprised, since you like wakeboarding
so much.”
He brought our bodies so close that our chests were nearly touching. My
heart sped up as he leaned over me with his hand clamped on my hip. “I surf,
but you’re wrong about boarding. I don’t like it – I love it. Surfers get
really pissy if boarders ruin their ride so I don’t wakeboard when I’m on the
ocean. I settle for catching waves on a different board, but I don’t love it
nearly as much.”
I caught the passion in his eyes. Ethan loved doing anything on the water.
My mouth twisted into an adoring grin as I stared at my magnificent boyfriend.
“You taught me how to board. I suppose you can teach me how to surf, too?”
Ethan chuckled. “I’d love to. I’m not sure if we’ll have time on this trip.
I’ll line up another one soon. We should go to Hawaii or Australia. If you’re
going to learn, you might as well learn in one of the best surfing spots on the
His hand veered from my hip down to my ass where he gently pinched me.
Ethan licked his luscious lips, and I saw a hunger in his eyes. I knew that
look. My breaths started becoming shorter as I responded to his fingers traveling
further down. Ethan hovered over me and pulled at my elbows to lay me on my
back. He took the rose out of my hand and set it on the nightstand before
sliding down the sheet. His lips fell to my collarbone and water dripped from
his hair into my cleavage. The coolness of it sizzled with the fire inside me.
“When is our first meeting today?” I stuttered.
“It’s still early. We can do whatever you want for a while,” Ethan purred.
He continued to leisurely kiss his way down to my breasts while one hand
wandered further down my thigh. My hand drifted between his thighs where I
timidly stroked his straining erection. His lips traveled along my chest until
they reached my breasts. Ethan flicked both nipples to attention before taking
one and sucking frantically. I groaned when he gently bit down before letting
his tongue take over.
“We can go for a walk on the beach,” Ethan murmured heatedly.
I grasped under his shoulders to bring him closer to me. Once in reach, I
ran my lips along the top of his pecks and returned the favor by biting down
along each of his nipples.
“We can go do some sightseeing,” Ethan groaned loudly.
My fingers ran across the tip of his cock before travelling down his shaft.
I worked to match the speed of my lips and the hand wrapped around him. My body
clenched as my ache for him grew. His lips journeyed to my neck where his
tongue glided to my jaw.
“Or we can stay here and make love,” Ethan whispered passionately.
He spread my legs even further and settled his hand inside before running several
fingers in and out. They slipped along the slickness. I bit down on his top lip
as he approached my mouth. I moved my tongue along the top of his before going
under his chin. I licked away at the saltiness with fervor. His chest rumbled
as I continued meticulously sucking along his throat. His fingers matched the
pace of my lips as they slipped over my clit.
He stilled my hand around him and placed it along his back. I brought my
other hand around him tightly, needing him to satisfy the inferno he had
created. He entered, with every inch of him penetrating deep within me. I cried
out and commanded my overly turned-on body not to let go. I ran my hands down
to his ass to urge him to move again. He groaned before twisting his hips.
I brought my hips up to meet every thrust he gave. My hands scratched up
his back on their way to his neck. I pulled him into me in demand for more and
he drove into me harder, creating a feeling of euphoria throughout my body. I
screamed out his name with each twist of his hips. He slowed down to take
several drawn-out thrusts.
“Fuck, you feel more amazing every time,” Ethan shouted.
 My hips matched his momentum as he
brought us closer. He paused to roll us over to put me on top so I could take
him. I rolled my hips with urgency to find a release for us both. My back
arched as my hips carried along wildly. Ethan ran his hands along my sides
before cupping my breasts tenderly.
“Ethan … God, yes …” I panted.
He sat up to bring our faces together and straddled my legs around him
before driving his hips into me. My nails dug into his back as my body started
to clench around him. Our thrusts sped up as our bodies strove for a climax. I
tightened around him as he started to tremble. I ran my hands to his hair where
I grabbed on tightly and screamed out as the ecstasy took me from the room to a
far-off place. I shuddered and continued until my body found solid ground
again. Ethan rested his head in my shoulder as he found his own release. He
gently placed me on my back and slid out before falling next to me, his fingers
scratching lightly along my belly.


My Review:

This book is definitely one I was waiting on........ I wanted to know what was going to happen between Mia and Ethan. Also, what was the deal with this 'meeting' that was so important she attended.

This review will be hard to write without giving too much information away about the plot of the book. Let's just say that all things are not what they appear and some people aren't who they appear to be. There were moments of suspense, moments of true passion and it was page-turning! It keeps you on your toes with your heart pounding.

I do want to add in there how much I loved Ethan. His passion and devotion for Mia is out of this world! I loved some of the things he said to her! But, is he also keeping things from her??? When she finds out the truth will it destroy what they have between them??? He always seemed so grounded by his love for her and his want to keep her safe no matter the cost.

Overall I loved the story! There were many things I was not expecting.... especially surrounding Mia's past and all the people that are secretly involved or knew some information. The author did an amazing job keeping the reader pulled into the story wanting to know how the game will be played out. There were lots of lies and secrets that happened which had you questioning who was trying to protect who.

That ending...... the torture is going to be awful! Waiting will make hours seem like days and months like years. I hate that it ended with such a big cliffhanger but we have to keep in mind that it's To Be Continued...........

M. M. Koenig was born and raised in Minnesota. She now lives in the Twin Cities area with her loving dog Marley. She is a graduate of the University of Minnesota with a Bachelors of Science in Sociology.

M. M. Koenig enjoys being active and has a variety of interests that coincide with her passion for life. Always one to try new things, she has acquired a variety of skills. Her sarcastic nature and multitude of experiences tend to find their way into her novels.

When she has free time and isn't writing, she spends as much time as she can with friends and family. To fuel her soul, she is constantly looking for new music, movies, and books to keep the writer's block at bay.

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