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Midnight Ballerina by Cori Williams - Review


“When I grow up, I’m going to be a dancer. I just know it.” 

Of course, life doesn’t always work out how you want. Just ask Monroe Hartley. After burying her childhood dream, Monroe works toward a new one, determined to prove her independence. When life catches up with her, stripping away her resources, she slowly turns toward an unlikely profession. Miller Buchanan has enough on his plate; he doesn’t need to worry about anything or anyone else. Then a petite, dark-haired beauty falls into his lap and despite his personal demons, he can’t stay away. Temptation and possibility linger, but when the past comes knocking, will they trade their future for the familiar? Or will they continue on the path of the unknown?


I GLANCED AT my watch, seeing it was just after midnight. I needed to get the hell out of here so I could get some sleep. Already overworked, I shouldn’t have promised her the favor but she’d always done right by me. I couldn’t keep putting it off. My feet froze when I passed by the open door of one of the rooms, eyes drawn to the lone figure in the center of the glossy, wooden floors, her back facing me. Hair as dark as the night sky in a tight bun atop her head enhanced her creamy white skin, body clad in a scrap of black material that offered as little coverage as a bathing suit. That must be what they wore, even when there weren’t many people around so late at night. Business must be good if the place continued to stay open almost twenty-four seven. I didn’t get the need for it, really. My attention snapped back as she gracefully raised her arms, completely in her own world, before balancing on her tiptoes and spinning around the room endlessly, making me dizzy. My eyes stayed glued to her perfomance, her legs drawing me in like a moth to a flame. While she was petite, her legs seemed to go on for miles, and were powerful and lean as she twirled across the floor, changing quickly into step after step. I was mesmerized. She moved fluidly, legs kicking in every which direction, perfectly in sync with the soft music playing in the background. I could barely make out the song as I focused solely on the ballerina, her body making a tempo of its own, creating a rhythm as she glided effortlessly. Back and forth, forward and backward, round and round. My whole body hummed as I shifted, pressing closer as I continued to observe, unnoticed. I didn’t want her to stop my private show, but it all came to an end too soon as someone walked past me in the hallway, pulling me out of my trance. I looked down to see that almost an hour had passed, cursing myself for letting the dancer distract me, and when I glanced back in the studio, she was gone. It was for the best, really. I walked back out to the front, gathering my tools, re- signed to the fact that I’d have to come back to complete the job another time. It wasn’t happening that night. My little midnight ballerina made sure of that.


This was  a great story about finding yourself and opening up to others. 

I was capitvated by the story of Monroe and Miller. They are two characters that just 'fit' together. At first I wasn't so sure but as I read the story I loved their attraction and draw to each other. How they knew when the other was in the room.... that intuition.

Monroe is down on her luck, financially speaking and is looking for a job. Her best friend (who is nothing like her) Amelia jokes about her becoming a stripper but when Monroe is at her last option she ends up finding a job at a club with exotic dancers. She doesn't fit in but is befriended by one of the dancers, Vanessa. I would have loved to have more of Vanessa's story! She was a loveable character just like Amelia.

Miller owns the club and immediately there is something about Monroe that shows how different she is from all the other girls. He can't get enough of her and always looks for ways to see her! I love how their story slowly builds and of course their is drama. There is mom drama, friend drama, manager drama and so on.

You will fall in love with all the characters and want more. Of course there will be more.... Amelia will have a story soon. Can't wait to see what else is in store for Miller and Monroe in the next story. There were a few questions I had left after reading though.... I wanted to know what happened with Randy and Bianca. I really thought they were going to cause more drama in this book than they did.

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About the Author

Cori "C.A." Williams is the author of The Journey Series, Full Count, Imperfect Perfection Series, and The Crush; all of the New Adult Genre. She  lives in Michigan and is married to her high school sweetheart. When she's not busy typing away at a new book, she's also trying to juggle three little ones. While being a stay at home to her three little ones, she likes to read and write, in between cleaning up messes and being a short order cook.

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