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Blue Balls And Southern Drawls by Mandy Harbin - Promo


Taylor Berry is the quintessential city
girl who can read through someone’s B.S. without batting an eyelash. Her no
nonsense attitude is one her great friends and awesome boyfriend love. When he
asks her to go with him to his parents’ house for the weekend, she’s not sure
what to expect, but hey, it’s a few days and nights with the man she loves.
What could go wrong with that?

Bryson Reed is a country boy who always
looks forward to going back home to Texas for his family’s big annual reunion.
A weekend of cookouts, fishing, and swimming. What could be better? In fact,
this year he’s taking his girlfriend, Taylor, to introduce her to his family
and join in on the fun. But the perfect weekend he’d envision starts to fall
apart right after they arrive. When his mom puts Taylor in the guestroom … not
in his old bedroom with him.

Taylor is shocked at the sleeping
arrangements, but gets furious when Bryson doesn’t insist on them sleeping
together. He thinks his mom is old fashioned and doesn’t see the problem while
Taylor wonders where the line is between gentleman and momma’s boy.
Even though Taylor is mad at Bryson for
how he handles the situation, she thinks his mom is up to something, and as the
weekend progresses, she knows she’s right. This weekend of sweet tea and
feigned southern hospitality cannot end fast enough.

But when the truth comes out and
secrets revealed, something else might come to an end as well. 


Blue Balls and Push-Up Bras (Book 1) 
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Blue Balls and Long Distance (Book 2)


balls and Southern Drawls (Book 3)



“Oh hush. There’s also cranberries
and feta in this salad.”
“It’s not a salad unless there’s
dressing involved.” Taylor picked up her gourmet sandwich filled with shaved
turkey, seasoned tomatoes, and loads of fresh, melted mozzarella cheese and
took a bite. It was like a margarita pizza, but on a buttery roll with meat.
“I have dressing,” Morgan said,
slightly affronted.
Taylor snorted. “It’s still in the
cup beside your bowl.” She shook her head. “Seriously, girl, it’s not like you
need to lose weight before your wedding.” She looked up, one eyebrow raised.
“Which will be … when exactly?”
Morgan shook her head slowly. “Oh,
no. We’re not announcing anything until after Hannah and Lucas tie the knot.”
Taylor pouted. “You’re no fun.” She
took another savory bite of her yummy sandwich.
“Like you’re one to talk.” Morgan
Taylor dropped her sandwich.
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“Oh, come on. Bryson’s taking you
to Texas to meet his family. Don’t tell me you haven’t been thinking about what
this means where wedding bells are concerned.”
Taylor chuckled. “Bite your tongue.
I already told you it’s some family reunion they do every year. It has nothing
to do with making plans for the future.” Gah, she couldn’t even say the word
marriage when it represented her. She loved Bryson dearly. He may even be the one, but it was still too soon for
talk of that.
“Mmm-hmm, just tell yourself that.
Don’t be surprised if he drops to one knee beside a horse or something.” Morgan
waved her fork at her before taking another bite of her bird food.
“You don’t know Bryson. He wouldn’t
do something like that.” Taylor was sure of it. Marriage hadn’t been on his
radar, either. She was a smart woman, and he’d never been able to get anything
by her. Before last Christmas he’d dropped hints for weeks without meaning to.
She still acted surprised when she opened her gifts. She didn’t want to hurt
his feelings, and he’d been so excited—none of which had been romantic, but all
she’d still needed and loved. Bryson was a caring and generous boyfriend. But
she knew beyond any shadow of doubt that the man hadn’t given one thought to
their future together.
She was okay with that. More than
okay, actually.
“Don’t be surprised. That’s all I’m
saying.” After another bite, she said, “When are you two leaving anyway?”
“He’s picking me up at two o’clock.
We should get there by dinner—his words, not mine.” She chuckled, relieved by
the subject change.
“You all packed and ready?” Morgan
pushed her half-eaten salad away and moaned as if she’d just eaten a cow.
Taylor rolled her eyes.
“Yeah. Took the day off to finish
this morning. It’s just for the weekend, but it’s freaking hot, and they have a
lot of outdoor activities scheduled. I had to make sure I stashed enough for
necessary wardrobe changes.”
“Totally understand that.” Morgan
sighed. “I have to get back to the office. Not all of us took the day off to pretend
this weekend wasn’t significant to our relationship.” She winked.
“So not listening to you.” Taylor
shook her head and waved for the waiter to bring their tickets. After they both
paid and hugged their goodbyes, Taylor rushed back to her place to grab a few
things she’d forgotten to pack that morning.
When her phone chimed a text
message notification, she didn’t have to look at it to know it was Bryson
letting her know he was on his way. He always announced his arrival before he
showed up. She chuckled. Bryson had his little quirks, but he liked his
routines. She wasn’t one to complain about that. She’d dated some real slackers
in the past.
Bryson was different.
Besides knowing what he wanted and
never shying away from it—which was freaking sexy just by itself—he was strong,
dependable, funny, charming…
And gorgeous.
Damn, but the man had a body
cultivated from his years growing up on the ranch. His brown hair and puppy-dog
eyes just added to the total physical package.
Hell, no physical about it. He was
the total package.
A knock sounded, but she didn’t
answer it. He always knocked before using the key she’d given him about six
months ago, after they’d been dating a year. She’d told him he didn’t have to
knock, but he also had this shy, gentlemanly quality about him.
Not in the bedroom, though. He
definitely knew how to rock her world. If he were a chick, he’d fit that lady on the streets, freak in the sheets
description. Lucky for her, he’d been born with a penis.
“Hey, baby,” he said, walking into
her bedroom as she zipped her suitcase. He took it from her when she started to
lift it off the bed, and put it by the door. “Wow, I can’t believe you didn’t
use a bigger one. This is carry-on size.”
Taylor rolled her eyes. “Oh,
please. The other two are in the bathroom.”
His eyes danced. “There’s my girl.”
“Your one and only.” She winked.
Heat flared in his eyes, and he
moved toward her, taking her mouth in a hot kiss, his hands grabbing her ass.
She chuckled against his lips. “We
don’t have time for this.”
He groaned. “I know. Just a couple
of minutes.”
This was cruel, she knew, getting
him all hot and bothered and not being able to finish, but since he’d started
it, she was willing to play. Besides, it’d give them something to look forward
to later tonight. She angled her head for deeper penetration and allowed her
hands to coast down his chest. His breathing spiked, and heat shot down to her
core. She reached his dick and grazed over it before squeezing. He moaned,
thrusting into her hand, and fisted her hair. He took a step, and she knew he
was trying to walk her to the bed.
“No time,” she gasped, but he
didn’t stop his sensual assault. He started kissing down her neck, playing
dirty. Fine then. She let go of him
and shoved her hand down his loose shorts, giving him direct skin-on-skin
contact with his cock.
“Fuck, we can make time.” He lifted
her slightly and took a couple of steps toward the bed. When he dropped her to
it, she rolled to the other side and stood up, smiling.
“You were the one who said we didn’t
have time. And I’m not meeting your parents smelling like sex. If I let you
strip me and fuck me until I’m screaming— ”
He growled. “You’re being a tease.”
“I’ll have to shower,” she
continued over his words, “fix my hair, and reapply my makeup. Now if we have
time for that, big boy, take your pants off. Otherwise, let’s hit the road.”
She dropped her voice lower. “And tonight you can hold my mouth shut to keep me
from making any noise as you fuck me good.”
She could see his cock twitch even
through his pants, proof that he liked that idea.
“Vixen,” he breathed.
“You love it.” She giggled and
turned for the bathroom.
“Tonight, you’re paying for that,
baby. Gonna make you wait until you can’t stand it anymore before I let you
come,” he called out after her.
She peeked around the bathroom
door, smiling, and said, “Promises, promises.”
His muttered words were
intelligible, making her laugh quietly to herself as she picked up her
accessories bag. When she reached for the other suitcase, Bryson appeared behind
her. He smiled at her through the mirror, kissed the top of her head, and then
slipped the bag off her shoulder and gripped the other suitcase.
Her big gentleman.


Mandy Harbin is an award-winning, bestselling author of several books
across multiple romance genres ranging from contemporary to paranormal erotic
romance. She is also the number one bestselling author in teen romance under
the pen name M.W. Muse with her popular Goddess Series. She is a Superstar
Award recipient, Reader’s Crown and RWA Passionate Plume finalist, and has
received Night Owl Reviews Top Pick distinction many times. She studied writing
at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, earned several degrees, and even
pursued an MBA until she realized becoming an author did not have to remain an
unfulfilled dream. Mandy is a PAN member of the RWA and lives in a small
Arkansas town with her non-traditional family, and although she is a direct
descendant of British royalty, they refuse to call her princess. When she’s not
penning her latest book, you can find her hanging out online where she loves to
connect with fellow readers or stalking Mickey Mouse at Disney World.




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