Thursday, September 12, 2013

Crazy Beautiful Love

Crazy Beautiful Love

By: J. S. Cooper


If you were a guy, how would you feel if a ‘hot’ girl came running past you while being chased by cops?? Then you find out that it was all to meet you…. Would you find it a little crazy??
Logan Martelli is one of the “Martelli Brothers” and is known as a bad boy. He hasn’t had the best upbringing. He is a car thief like his father was, and does it to support his family because no one will hire a Martelli. He wants his younger brothers to make more of themselves so he tries to keep them out of the dealings as much as possible.
Remember that girl I mentioned up above?? Well that is Madison, aka Maddie, Wright. We meet Maddie when she is running from the cops and passes Logan at the pier. Their gazes meet for a brief second and she winks at him but keeps running. Maddie wanted to meet Logan and thought she could get his attention by trying to steal a police car. One thing I loved about Maddie is that she is very forward with her feelings and quick to step up to Logan.
“The issue we have here isn’t what I think of you, which by the way is not much, and that has nothing to do with the rumors of you in town. The issue we have here is that I’m a girl, and I’m rich, and I’m college educated, and I’m forward, and you don’t like that. You don’t like that a girl like me is confident enough to tell you that she wants you. You’re scared that I’m going to emasculate you. You’re scared that I’m going to be a better thief than you.”
Logan and Maddie have a history that you learn is very complicated. Are they able to overcome what others have done in the past to be together? Can you have someone who has nothing and considered to be from “the wrong side of the tracks” fall in love with and be accepted fully by a “rich, educated girl”?
There were many twists and turns in this novel and some very steamy scenes. I must be honest… there were times I had to question if Maddie was a little C-R-A-Z-Y?!?!!!! She put up with a lot from Logan and did some pretty insane things herself for the ‘good girl’ qualities she was supposed to have.
I really enjoyed the book and would recommend it especially to readers who want something different than your everyday love story!

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