Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Love Interrupted Blitz Post

Love Interrupted Blitz

By: A.J. Warner



Logan Brooks and Andrew Eastin
shared a once in a lifetime love. After losing her parents and overcoming many
obstacles, she could not handle the possibility of losing him, too. She loved
him enough to walk away, for both of their sakes.

As tragedy strikes again, Logan is
on a downward spiral. Andrew knows she needs protection from herself, and he
needs to love her through it, even if only from a distance.

When fate intervenes and allows
them a second chance at love, will Logan and Andrew risk it? The Attraction is
undeniable. The sexual tension, relentless. She is everything he has ever
wanted. He sweeps her off her feet, renewing all that was lost.

Andrew promised her forever, but
can words ever be enough? Can love prevail when life has different
plans—bringing on more pain and emotions than imaginable? When lies and deceit
corrupt the one thing sacred to them, plans will be ruined, promises will be
broken, and hearts will be shattered.

What happens when the unknown
threatens all of their dreams? Will Logan and Andrew survive their love,

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A.J. was born and raised in Amarillo, Texas. Four years
ago, she relocated to the Dallas/Fort Worth area with her husband and four
wonderful children, Hayden (15), Jacob (13), Riley (11), and Isaiah (10).

A.J. is passionate about working with people with
disabilities, and has a long time love of working with munchkins. She currently
owns and operates a childcare facility in North Central Texas.

When she is not busy breaking up fights about who is mom’s
favorite, or who ate the last bowl of Fruity Pebbles, A.J. enjoys reading and
writing. She also likes chatting and laughing with her book club friends. Love
Interrupted is her first book and she is currently working on her second and
third novels.

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