Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Stipped by Jasinda Wilder


By: Jasinda Wilder

Grey Amundsen is the daughter of a Baptist preacher and is expected to grow up and marry a preacher. That is the life that has been set before her. She doesn’t have a lot of friends and isn’t invited out to a lot of parties or anything. 

“I’m the girl who’s off-limits. I’m the pastor’s daughter. I’m not off-limits because they respect my beliefs on marriage, or because of who I am, but because of Daddy.”
Grey wants more to her life though, and she is able to start with ballet as an outlet. She begins with ballet after begging her father to let her (with the help of her mother). Grey also wants to pursue a career in film production but is immediately told that is not a possibility from her father. He doesn’t want her to be corrupted by Hollywood. Grey decides that even though her father will disown her from the family it is something she must do. She needs to follow her own dreams.
She is accepted to school and soon her money runs out and she must find a job. She has an internship with Fourth Dimension Films but it doesn’t currently pay anything. Unfortunately, nowhere is hiring but a strip club. Grey is a dancer, a performer and because it’s her only option she applies for the job. Desperate times call for desperate measures and its all Grey can do to stay in school and make it on her own. She is a survivor and refuses to give up.
“The girl standing with her back to a stripper pole, hip popped to one side, hands draped around the cold metal high above her head…that girl is Gracie, a performer. A stripper.”
While working at the club she is called to the VIP room where she meets actor, Dawson Kellor. It’s an instant attraction between the two. Their time together at the club is very short but really steamy because he brings out feelings in Grey that she has never felt before. She isn’t supposed to be thinking these things in regards to Dawson. Dawson comes from a difficult past which he is trying to move on from.
“Other men look at me and they clearly want me, but something in Dawson’s gaze speaks of more than desire. There’s possession in his eyes.”

Back at her internship he turns out to be the lead in the movie she is working on. EMBARRASING! I would probably have to hide under a rock if I was in Grey’s shoes at the moment. I know she is only doing what she needs to so she can pursue her dreams but at the same time THE FAMOUS DAWSON just saw you stripping the night before.

Grey tries to run from her feelings regarding Dawson. Everything is so new to her. It isn’t anything she has experience before. I loved how he wouldn’t give up on her though! He kept going after Grey no matter how much she ran… and trust me…. She ran ALL THE TIME!!! She wouldn’t let him help her in any way which was frustrating too. He had the means to do it and she wanted out of her current situation at the strip club but refused his help. Dawson kept fighting for Grey though…. This makes him a swoon worthy book boyfriend!

“’How…how did you know?’
He laughs. ‘I felt you get up. Heard you crying. I knew you were panicking, and I know you had to do it. I let you go, and I followed you. I was right behind you every step of the way.’”

I loved Dawson’s character and give him 5 golden stars!!!! He was absolutely wonderful!

Two broken, struggling characters brought together to help heal each other. Perfect book for my hopeless romantic heart!

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