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Break Me - Cover Reveal

“Wes, I don’t know what you want me to say here.” Royal’s voice is broken. Maybe he is broken. Maybe I broke him. Lord knows I’m broken myself.
“Don’t say anything.” I start off with. There are so many things I want to tell him. The one thing I want him to know, that I want him, I will never say aloud. “When push comes to shove, Royal, you’ll break me. I’d never be the same after you. I’d be a shell of this girl.”
His face pales but he doesn’t step away. Something I had planned on. His hands caress my face before he says, “You have that wrong, Wesley. You’ll be the one to break me.”
Wesley Bridges was lost between the living and the dead. She was clinging to her boyfriend, who passed away unexpectedly. She was left with having no way to move on. Her best friends, Annabella and Pierce were to caught up to save her. Even her family turned a blind eye, not able to bare her grief.

Then one day, Royal Sanders walked into her life. Tall, dark and sinfully handsome but aren’t all the unattainable ones? At first it was nothing. She was asked to tutor him and found he’s different then even she thought. She even turned to Royal when things got too hard. And when she falls for him, she falls hard.

But Royal’s the enemy. A long drawn out hatred brews between her friends and Royal’s. That doesn’t seem important to her, considering she’s still in love with her dead boyfriend. A love triangle between life and death…who will win?

Grief is a powerful emotion but there are several different kinds of grief. Betrayal and heartache are still knocking on her door. Things are about to come crashing down around her. It will definitely break her, but will Royal be enough to save her?

Break Me Cover Teaser
Royal stands a few feet away. His gorgeous brown locks fall into his brown eyes. Always the roguish lord with his cocky smile. He makes me want to run into his arms...or run in the opposite direction. 
"Wesley, always a pleasure." He states tucking his hands into his pockets. Hands that pushed me against the wall in my room last night. Hands that pulled my hair gently to get the right angle for his lips. 
Que the shiver.
"Royal. It's never a pleasure." I hear Annabella and Pierce snicker behind me. 
I want to roll my eyes but I don't. Why can't the people I love get along with my Prince Charming? Why must we be secret? I shouldn't have to suffer because Channing wants nothing to do with Ash. It's not my fault. It's definitely not Royal's.
"Why don't you move, Sanders? Some of us have better things to do then bow to your presence." Pierce says from behind me.
Royals eyes twinkle because he knows what I want to do. I want to smack my cousin. Then I want to kiss Royals full lips. Get lost in the way he makes me feel.
"Sorry Pierce, I'm just admiring the view. Your lovely cousin is something to look at." My heart beats like crazy. What will Pierce do?
"Excuse me?" Pierce growls.
My spine stiffens and before things get worse, I lunge forward and kiss Royal. My hands quickly bring his lips to mine. His hands quickly hold my face. I keep it simple because we are at school. His lips are warm and sweet, like rich chocolate. 
We break apart and I look up at him and smile. "There's my queen." He whispers as he rubs his thumb across my cheekbone.
I close my eyes and smile before taking in the scene around me.
Before Trey died I would have never been in this situation. Everyone is looking at us. Pierce's mouth keeps opening and closing like a fish and Annabella looks like she might faint.
I notice Channing and Paisley just behind them, but they look way happier then my family. They both wear smiles. "Bout time Bridges." Channing speaks out in his crazy voice. It still makes me want to tighten my legs together.
"Are you kidding me right now? Are you serious?" Pierce's face has turned red and I think he might blow. "There's anyone you could have moved on too, but you disgrace Trey's memory with him?"
Royal places his hands on my shoulders, always ready to defend me. I stop him when I speak, "Trey would want me to be happy. Royal makes me happy. Our issues have nothing to do with him. You know that."
Pierce glares at me. Everything is a battle with him. It seems he's fighting for stuff he has no need for. "If you're going to be with him, then we can't be family." 
All the blood drains from my face. My knees give out and I lean back against Royal.
This is the moment I've been waiting for. The moment where I put Pierce in his place. No longer will I be left out or left behind. It won't even hurt anymore because I won't have to worry about what he thinks. We will be nothing to each other. 
Only I feel hurt that he would make me choose. But I always care way more then I should.
I regain my footing and take one of Royal's hands in mine. "So be it."
Then I walked away. Hand in hand with the enemy.
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I live in southern Arkansas with my husband and young daughter. There is also an insane Boston Terrier running around. I've always been a lone wolf and find my friends in books. I started writing at a young age and I haven't stopped since. Most days you can find me either glued to my laptop or my kindle. My first novel, This Beautiful Thing was an Amazon best seller for 11 weeks and a year later I'm still tickled to see people enjoy it. I may not be a huge seller but I have the best fans ever and I thank God everyday for every single one of them.
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