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Crazy For You - Cover Reveal

Cover - Crazy for You - After Dark 01

He was everything she always dreamed of...
Julie Walsh was in love with Daniel Stewart her whole life, but he always saw her as his sister. Until the day fate decided to give her a hand and gave Julie the opportunity of shaking Danny's life and heart.
He didn't want to fall in love....
Daniel repressed his feelings for many years. Without interest of investing time in serious relationships, enjoying his life with a different girl each day, dedicating his real feelings to the success of his bar, the After Dark. Until the day fate gave him a hit in the head and a shake in his heart, showing him that the little girl that he always treated like a sister, is in reality, the one who will make him think of a "happily ever after".
But when Daniel finally decided to give a chance to this crazy sentiment that fueled his mind and body, he stumbles with a big stone in his path: Alan, the hot guitarrist of The Band, who tries to win Julie's heart.
Will Julie's dream come true and finally have Danny's love or is Alan her real Prince Charming, who'll come rescue her with his guitar?
*attention: this book contain high doses of romance, funny situations, hot guys and a fabulous gay friend*
The barista call our names and when we get our Vanilla Cappuccinos, I hear somebody saying.
“Wow, I can’t believe my eyes, Juliette, the hottest singer out there.”
I turn around confused, to find Alan smiling at me.
“Alan, what a surprise.”, I get closer to kiss his cheek. Oh my, he smells so good. Oops, the little rascal moves his head and almost kissed me on the lips. I try to move away, but he stops me, whispering in my ear.
“Beautiful, this time was on the corner of you mouth, but next time you won’t scape.”
OMG!!! I blushed turning fifty shades of red.
“Alan…”, I started.
“No, don’t say anything. You must know I’m crazy for you, you’ll come around, I’m a patient guy.”
“Alan…”, I try again.
“Shhhhhh.”, He puts a finger on my lips. “Now, I want to let you know that our duet was a huge success. Fever has thousands of views on YouTube.”
“I talked to Rafe today and he told me that some agent will come to the After Dark to watch our show on Friday, seems like somebody told him about the show and he’s coming to meet us. Cool, right?”
“Wow, that’s wonderful!”, I got so happy, that I hug him. He hugs me tight and I fell protected in his arms. OK, he’s not as strong as Danny, but yet muscular. I try to get away, but he holds me tight.
“I love your spontaneity.”, he says. “And your perfume and your taste…”, then he kisses and licks my neck.
Oh, sweet Jesus, this man wants to drive me crazy. Did you see that? I shiver and jump away from him.
“Yeah, well, these are some awesome news, but we got to go, right George?”, I look at George and he’s holding our cups with his mouth open. “It was so good to see you Alan. Send me an email with the songs you want to play on Friday. Bye.”
He smiles, winks and shakes his head.
“Ok, Beautiful, I’ll send you the email…And Julie? Friday you’ll be mine.”
I smile back a little shy, grab my coffee and leave with my two friends behind me.
I reach the fourth level where the parking lot is, running like I was trying to escape a plague. George stops, laughing at me. Great, just what I need.
“Little girl, I’m not sure what just happened there. But if I was a real girl, what unfortunately I’m not, I would wet my panties.”
“George!!!!!”, I yell in shock.
“Baby, he licked your neck. Jo, did you see that, a real lick?”
“I sure did.”, She smiles.
“If I were you, baby, I would lick all of him, inch by inch. And I’m pretty sure he has a place with lots of inches.”, He says raising his brow.
“What? I’m just telling you the truth. Jo? How are your panties?”
“Burning hot.”, She says and they laugh.
I run to the car and they follow me, still laughing.
I need to get home fast and take a cold shower. 

A. C. Meyer
AC Meyer is 33 years old and she is a real book lover.
Not satisfied with just reading, her restless mind decided to write her own happy endings.
When she is not connect to her books or the internet, A. C. enjoys laughing with her mother, chatting in the company of friends or watching romantic comedies with her own Prince.
Her literary inspirations include authors such as Emma Chase, Sophie Kinsella and Kristen Proby, romantic icons of world literature.
Crazy For You is her first novel, and it is part of the After Dark Series.
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