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Runaway Love - Release Blitz

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Cover was designed by Rachel Mizer with Shoutlines Design 
Maggie Walker yearns for the one thing she’s never truly felt: love. After years of rejection and abandonment, the shy and timid Nurse found that running felt right and provided her with the solitude she needed to avoid the haunting memories of her past. 
Keeping to her routines and having complete control of her life, made things easier, but not more exciting. When chance steps in, it throws the unexpected in her path in the form of a handsome stranger named Charlie.
Charlie Hennings lives under the pressure of expectation. When forced to follow in his father’s footsteps as an FBI Agent, he left behind part of himself and the chance to embrace his dreams, which included settling down and starting a family. 
When his latest endeavor lands him in an undercover position in Brown County, he never expects to find the one person he couldn’t live without, who also ironically ends up being directly connected to his current assignment. 
Throughout their journey, Charlie makes it his personal mission to help Maggie break out of her shell and convince her that she deserves all the love in the world. But when Charlie’s lies are brought to light regarding his job, will it destroy everything they’ve been working toward? 
Can Maggie overlook his deceit and let herself experience these new feelings of love or will she just runaway from it all?
**This book is intended for a mature reading audience and isn't suitable for readers under the age of 18.**

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Runaway Love Cover
“Full of it I can definitely be, but you gotta admit I’m pretty irresistible.” I gave her a sly wink.
            “Well that still remains to be unseen.”
            Oh, burn! I pounded my palm against my chest to feign being hurt. “Oh sweetheart, you wound me. I hope you know CPR…”
            “Well, of course I do. What kind of nurse would I be if I didn’t? But, why would you want to know?”
            She actually seemed a bit concerned which made my heart swell in my chest.
            Too bad I was being an ass.
            “Because Mags, you take my fucking breath away.”
            She narrowed her eyes at me, as I shifted my car again. I quickly flashed my orthodontist induced smile and fluttered my eyelashes to try and soften the blow I knew I was about to ensue. It always worked when Toby fluttered his lashes to the girls, so it would work in this situation too, right?
            “You are such a smartass,” she yelled as she sucker punched me in the arm. And although I would never tell, it actually stung a little bit. She packed a hell of a punch. But, her feisty attitude was hot as hell though.
            “Well, it’s better to be a smartass rather than a dumbass.” I mocked.
            “I recant my answer,” she said crossing her arms over her chest, which really did nothing but distract me since it pushed up her luscious breasts. “You aren’t anywhere near irresistible.”
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I am a wife, mother of two beautiful girlies, an avid reader, and a new Romance and New Adult author.
I was born and raised in Southern Indiana, but resided in Texas for five years while my husband was in the US Army. It was definitely a journey, but I am so glad to be back in my home state.
Whenever I'm not doing my motherly duties or at the soccer field I absolutely love to read whenever I have a moment to spare. My kindle is never far from my side.
My love of reading increased about a year ago and due to my love of books I decided to try my hand at writing. Already having a set of characters screaming to get out, my story took over and came to life.
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