Tuesday, February 18, 2014

J. Bailes Spotlight Tour

***Mature Audience Only
Allie Anderson has
encountered more heartache than any one person deserves. She's lost her father
to cancer, her brother to war, and the love of her life –Wyatt - took her most
prized possession and vanished without a trace. She’s left crushed and
Blake, Allie's best
friend, is everything she needs; he'd give her the moon if she asked for it,
but there's one problem - he wants Allie entirely. How can Allie give herself
to anyone when she's not sure there’s enough left of her heart to give away?
Allie's life begins to
fall into place. Her heart begins to heal. Being happy is no longer a foreign
emotion. That is until the man who broke her years ago returns, shattering her
fragile heart all over again.

Allie soon discovers that
hearts are like broken glass; you can put it back together again, but it will
never be the same.

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After all of Allie’s loss, my thought was only on her and
her happiness. On her love and need for her big brother. I was replaceable,
Kyle wasn’t. I wouldn’t allow him to crush her heart with his death. I knew I
had to follow him. I would throw myself on top of bombs, in front of bullets,
whatever it took to get him home to her, alive. There are two sides to every
story, and you’ve only heard one. Don’t be so quick to judge; I hate myself for
what I’ve done. But all that I did, it was all for Allie.

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 Meet J. Bailes
Born and raised in Nashville, TN. A mother of three, wife to one, and nursing student turned writer. Loves all things pink, glittery, and chocolate.

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