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One Chance, One Moment by Judith Kohnen - Cover Reveal

Sometimes a chance comes along that can change the course of an entire life – make it right again, make a dream come true – and when that moment arrives, we grab it and fight with all of our might to make it happen … or not.

Renowned singer/musician Garry Danzlo has decided to live a life of seclusion after a debilitating accident destroys his musical career. Guilt-ridden and stubborn, he wants no part of the holistic nurse his sister has hired to rehabilitate him. He’s determined to get rid of her; she’s determined to stay.

Spunky, fun-loving Amanda Fields, widowed after a loveless marriage, is on a mission for love. More than anything in the world, she wants to adopt a wheelchair-bound boy named Robbie. When her chance arrives that will provide her with sufficient funds for the adoption, there’s nothing to stop her from accomplishing the temporary job in Colorado. But what she has to contend with is far more than just a difficult patient. Unexpected obstacles are suddenly out of her control. The least of her worries is falling for yet another man who doesn’t love her back.

One Chance, One Moment is a humorous, surprising and deeply emotional story of love found by two special people – love built on chances one must sometimes take, but sometimes give as well. Each moment becomes nourished by the faith of one woman, and eventually, by the dream of one man.

“A Feel Good Romance with Suspenseful Thrills … a love story that will capture the romantic at heart while weaving thrills throughout the plot – creating ‘one’ thrilling read.” - Allbooks Review International 
“… a novel that is impossible to put down. Fans of romance will find themselves absolutely riveted by the story as the suspense and tension becomes as unbearable for the readers as it is for Garry and Mandy.” - Book Reviewer List 
A recent developmental by a Writer's Digest 2nd Draft Critique Service Editor praised Judith as "a talented writer with a solid story." ONE CHANCE, ONE MOMENT was noted as being "engaging, funny, touching, and often full of surprises and thrills" and what is certain to be "a story destined for attention."

She was wearing those weird little glasses that kept sliding down her nose. With one trembling finger, she slid them back up. Hmmm, he thought, maybe there is a way to get rid of her.

She glanced up from the tray then, nearly knocking it over as her gaze locked with his. He had made sure his most alluring smile was plastered on his face while staring into those glassed frames that covered her eyes. He’d been used to girls swooning over him, for whatever reason—something to do with his “sexy smile” and his “bright medium blues” or so he’d been told. He felt victory on his side as she stood at a standstill, looking at him, the corners of her mouth smoothing gently. She swallowed, a light blush rising in her cheeks. But then, it left so quickly he wondered if he had imagined it, for she suddenly returned his smile with an even more alluring one of her own. She no longer the seducee, but the ...

His eyes drew immediately to her parting lips—that mouth that was so disturbingly interesting—and for a split second he wondered if those lips would feel as soft, taste as sweet. Good God Almighty. What was he thinking? What was he doing? What was she doing! She was slowly untying that gaudy, oversized bow at her neck, edging herself steadily closer, her voice coming low and sexy? “Do you need help?” she asked.

“Help?” he chirped.

“In the bed.” She lowered her glasses on her nose, observing him above the plastic rims.

“Wh-What?” Garry inched away, though no escape was to be had.

“To sit you up in bed … so that you can eat … your supper.”

“No! I-I can do it myself.”

“Can you? I wouldn't want you to strain anything. Come, let me help.” She grabbed him in a big bear hug, jerking him to a sitting position while he smothered a cry in the midst of her frilled collar. His unexercised muscles were painfully sore.

“Let go of me,” he demanded, pushing himself unsuccessfully from her grasp. “Get your hands, get your body off me, Ms. Fields!”

“But, Mr. Danzlo, I thought …” Her gaze roamed over him admiringly.

“Well, you thought wrong!”

“No, Mr. Danzlo, you thought wrong.” Her eyes were now ablaze. “If you ever, ever play this offensive game again, so help me, I'll—”

“Woman, I wouldn't want you if you were the last female on earth. You got that?”

She flinched for a bare second. “Perfectly.”

Going for his tray, she crammed it onto his lap. She stood, breathing hard, arms folded tight beneath her breasts while she waited for him to begin eating.

“I've lost my appetite,” he blustered, now humiliated.

“Shall I restore it for you?” she asked.

He wouldn't put it past her to do just that. With a slow, heavy exhale, he tried cooling his nerves. “If I eat, will you leave? I promise to be a good little boy and eat all my vegetables.”

“I'll leave you, Mr. Danzlo. But remember this little cliché: We'll meet again.”

Scowling, he picked up his fork and began eating, hoping this would get her feet moving. It did. “Close the door on your way out,” he said.

The door clicked shut.

“Good. Now I can eat in peace,” he muttered in silence, the room feeling strangely bigger, emptier. He had to find a way to get rid of her. “Tomorrow,” he said aloud.

Judith has always been a romantic at heart. She adores writing, poetry, music, singing, dancing, teaching, education, and caring for others. It is her hope that through her imaginative talents that she might become a source of inspiration for her readers. Part of her life's path is empowering others toward healing and teaching them how to use their own imagination and intuitive abilities.

Along with over 200 pages of poetry, Judith has written numerous songs and short stories, a couple of children's plays that were actually performed on stage, and has begun her first screenplay. She finished her first novel, One Chance, One Moment, in eight months and while in search for a publisher, has revised the story numerous times to make it the best it can be. She is currently working on her second book, For The Love Of Mandy – Book Two of the Mandy Story.

Judith loves helping other writers. She served as newsletter editor for Virginia Romance Writers for four years and has coordinated and judged VRW's HOLT Medallion Contest and their FOOL FOR LOVE Contest many times. She has also freelanced for various non-profit organizational newsletters, most of which were entertainment reviews, inspirational articles, and articles on writing.

A teacher of mediumship & intuitive development and a professional background in registered nursing, hypnotherapy and natural healing arts, Judith is now doing what she’s most passionate about – writing! She encourages you to do what you’re passionate about too. “Live for the moment,” she says, “for this moment is the most important of all moments.”

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