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Desired Affliction - Review


Desired Affliction 1

By: C.A. Harms



Trusting the wrong person was Lexi's biggest mistake.

How can one night change the life of one girl forever?

Lexi made a wrong choice and now she can never go back.She becomes withdrawn and falls into the darkness. Her world is spiraling out of control. The only person she has to rely on is her best friend Megan.
Lexi feels she has no self worth and becomes someone she herself no longer recognizes.
Terrified of trusting again she continues to end up in the arms of the wrong men repeatedly.
Just when things couldnt get any worse Kole reappears in her life. After six years of not seeing him she still feels the connection. Kole is one of the good guys the giy from her past that once made her feel safe. There is something about him that makes her feel like running.
Will he be the man that helps her out of her darkness or will he be the one that erases what little she has left of herself.

The book contains adult content and sexual scenes.
Meant for mature readers


About this author

I am a mother of Two, happily married and live in Illinois. I enjoy writing and have always enjoyed creating little stories in my head. Since I was very young I like creating scenes and deciding the outcomes. I have just recently decided to transfer them onto Amazon and share with others. I enjoy created stories then expressing those onto paper. I hope you enjoy my stories and I appreciate everyones interest. I enjoy writing romance with a little twist here and there to make it interesting. I love angst and tension within my stories. I try to keep it realistic to everyday life and our daily struggles that we all may face. Everyone loves a happy ending and in life that is not always the outcome. So why not live in a fantasy world where happy endings do happen. It is easy to wrap yourself up in a story and imagine that life. Take a ride through my imagination with my stories. I hope you enjoy. Thank you so much.

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My Review:

Stars: 3.5-4

Lexi, a college freshman, is trying to hide/run from a dark past. She can't handle the touch of a guy so she stays in a constant drunk state while out at bars or parties. After waking up in numerous random beds with guys and remembering nothing from the night before she knows it is time to change those habits. The only person she has she can trust is her best friend and roommate Megan. Megan helps keep Lexi grounded and on track.

The last person that Lexi ever expected to see at college is her childhood crush, Kole. Kole is in the same fraternity as Megan's boyfriend, Radley. Situations keep throwing them together and there is no denying the attraction they have for each other. The problem... Kole isn't interested in any type of relationship. He would rather sleep around with random girls and not become attached.

Kole knows that there is something wrong with Lexi.... he can't figure it out. He wishes she would open up to him and talk about what happened in her past. Lexi is worried that if Kole knew everything about her it would push him away for good.

This was a very quick read and I did enjoy it! Of course, it did have some situations that were frustrating and made you angry.... one in particular between Hope and Kole. I wished there would have been a little more in the story about Kole and Lexi's past and how their mother's were best friends while they were growing up. I also wish that we could have seen the drunken confession between Radley and Lexi. I know he mentions it to her later but I would love a bonus chapter with that confession.

Your heart breaks for Lexi and all she has had to experience. There were times I just wanted to wrap my arms around her and tell her she was worth it.

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Review for Desired Affliction 2 will come in a couple hours... want you to enjoy this one first :)

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