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True Bliss - Cover Reveal


Title: TRUE BLISS (Bliss # 2)
Author: BJ Harvey
Expected Release: November 25th

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She watched her best friend find her superhero.

Now she wants her turn.
Despite a run of bad
dates with Mr. Wrong, Mr. Boring, Mr. Bad Breath, Mr. Grabby Hands, and even
Mr. Say I Love You After One Date To Get Into Your Pants, Kate McGuinness is
more determined than ever to find the one.
Having tried everything else, she turns to
the internet in a last ditch attempt to find her elusive prince.
But Kate doesn’t want an everyday, run of
the mill love.
She wants the kind of love that makes your
heart skip a beat. The kind of love that makes you dance in the rain and bottle
up the sunset. The once in a lifetime kind of love that authors write about,
musicians sing about, and lovers dream about.
Could a certain police officer in training,
who has come to her rescue in the past, be the one to swoop in and save her
What if the love Kate desperately seeks has
been in front of her the whole time?
She just needs to open her eyes to see
*Disclaimer: This book
contains a hot as hell stripper with a penchant for public sex and
exhibitionism who may or may not succeed in bringing out the inner firecracker
in all of us. Oh, and don't forget the batteries.*


Having eaten our way through garlic bread, lasagna and
a delicious baked cheesecake for dessert, both Mac and I are laid up in the
living room. We’re recovering from our food comas, watching some crazy game
show on television where people are training to become ninjas.
“I could never be a ninja. My big belly would get in
the way,” Mac muses.
“I don’t want to be a ninja, although I’d be willing
to date a ninja. Can you imagine the positions that he could get into? Oh my
god! I just thought of one! The reverse saddle ninja.”
Mac sits up excitedly and faces me, bending one leg
under the other. “No, wait. What about a ninja doing downward facing doggie
style? They could probably hang upside down from the roof while fucking you.
That would be awesome,” she says with a laugh.
“I know! Instead of the vibrating V, it would be the
ninja nooner or the ninja nookie!” I say, struggling to talk though my
Mac looks at her phone briefly before putting it down
and looking at me.
“Everything okay?” I ask, looking at her phone.
“Oh… yeah, great. Just checking the time. But right
now, we need to talk about you.” Mac sits up and rests her hands on her
stomach. I’m kind of envious of her right now, but I won’t admit that to her.
“Why’s that?” I say, intrigued. Definitely didn’t see
the conversation shifting from ninja sex to me. Although, if I were honest, if
I had ninja sex, I’d be a happy camper. Actually, sex of any kind would be
acceptable right now. Anything other than the one handed dialing of the ol’
pink telephone. I should be buying my batteries in bulk with the frequent use
my purple pearl vibrator has been getting this year. 

Author Bio:


I’m 31 years old and live in New Zealand, the
most beautiful country in the world.

I love reading, and started writing
my first novel, Lost in Distraction in December 2012. Before that I’d written
business and website articles professionally but never fiction. I love the
indie community, authors, bloggers and readers alike and have met so many
awesome people that I now call dear friends.
I’m a huge music lover as well. I
REALLY love music. If there isn't music playing, something is wrong. And it’s a
wide range of music too, I might surprise you with my eclectic tastes.

I'm also a wife, mother of two
gorgeous girls and currently working for myself as well as studying full time
to become an accountant of all things. I also have a Bachelor of

author inspirations are: Michelle Leighton, Barbara Elsborg and Kristen Ashley.

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 Title: TEMPORARY BLISS (Bliss # 1)
Published: August 29th
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