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Unhinge Me - Review



Caleb and Alex's love affair was risky from the start, especially since Caleb is a young professor and Alex is his student. Then the night comes when the two cannot ignore their feelings any longer and the passion that erupts between them rocks both their worlds to the core. Finally finding a love worth fighting for, the two embark on a journey to get to know each other. But ghosts from both their pasts threaten to end the love affair before it even begins and one of those ghosts may threaten their very lives.

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My Review

Can you imagine one day running into someone and then it changing your life forever??? That is exactly what happens in the case of Alex and Caleb!

This is such a cute story about how two people that bump into each other one day sends their lives on a path they never would have expected.

Caleb has come to America from England to escape his past and the tragic situation that occurred. He is now a professor at a college and happens to finally find a spark one day when he runs into a student and enjoys spending time with her. Although, relationships between students and teachers are completely not accepted. Of course, he isn’t really that much older than his students and could be mistaken as one. I instantly loved Caleb’s character. He had secrets in his closet that he was not willing to reveal right away but later you understand why. The only time I really was frustrated with him was that first night he met Alex in his classroom but after that I really thought he was an awesome male lead!

Alex knows she shouldn’t have a secret relationship with a professor. There is something about Caleb though that draws her in. There is a spark between them and it brings her life and makes her feel. They have so many of the same interest and he would be perfect for her. She keeps herself closed off though because she loses everyone she has ever loved. My heart truly broke for Alex in this regard. I felt bad for all she had lost and understood why she didn’t want to fully give her heart away to anyone. After all she had been through how could she love again????

Right when we think things couldn’t get better we are thrown for a loop…. I thought that this particular character may have something suspicious going on… but I wasn’t 100% positive. It gave the book some excitement and that is all I am going to say because I want to keep it as spoiler free as possible!

So be ready for some love, mystery, and fun! It’s a quick read but will keep you reading from beginning to end. We all got to love those student/teacher romances!


Ann Montgomery lives in NY with her husband, two children, and small Yorkie.
She is passionate about a lot of things. She has learned to speak three languages and plays the piano. She loves traveling,
photography, TV and film, and, of course, reading.
While writing her first book, she balanced being a full time wife, mom, and student. This year she will receive her associate’s degree with a concentration in psychology and will continue on for her bachelors. And she did it all with the help of two of her favorite things- coffee in the morning and wine at night!


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